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The Re:Dish Reusable Dishware Program
for Companies and Businesses

In today's business world, embracing sustainability isn't just a trend- it's a commitment to the future that stakeholders demand and respect. Re:Dish offers a comprehensive, affordable food packaging solution designed for companies with high-volume food service operations that aim to make a significant environmental impact.

Our mission is to help eliminate single-use disposables, and to foster a culture of sustainability within and beyond the workplace. By partnering with Re:Dish, businesses can seamlessly embrace reusables and help lead in the transition to a more circular economy.

  • Set per-use fee, no upfront costs

  • Make a tangible environmental impact

  • Demonstrate your company's commitment to sustainability every day

  • Empower employees to make a difference


Re:Dishing is Designed to be Easy and Convenient

Re:Dish replaces your single-use wares with a steady supply of reusable containers, cups and plates according to your company's specific needs to be used in food service. After eating, employees and staff simply return them to any of the Re:Dish Drop-Off Bins distributed around your property, including in cafeterias, lounges, break rooms, pantries—anywhere your employees eat.


Once returned, the Re:Dish team takes over. We collect all used items for thorough washing and sterilization at our state-of-the-art warewashing facility (which translates to lower tip fees and eliminates the need for a dishroom). Your inventory is replenished as necessary, guaranteeing a continuous cycle of clean, ready-to-use dishware. Watch the video HERE.

42% of business leaders name climate change as one of the top 3 most pressing issues to fo

Custom Solutions

Tailor-made inventory solutions and a flexible delivery and collection schedule designed for your unique needs.


Quality Reusables

Replace single-use items with our safe, durable, and FDA-approved dishware for an enhanced dining experience.

Professional Cleaning

We take care of washing, sterilizing, and restocking, ensuring a constant supply of clean dishware.

Real Sustainability, Measurable Results

The simple act of reusing during meals, when done at scale, makes a big impact. With our integrated dashboard, DishTrack, you can manage your company's inventory and measure the environmental benefits of the program compared to single-use  in the form of waste diversion, carbon emissions savings and water savings.


Re:Dish will also equip you with monthly progress reports which can be shared throughout the organization, with stakeholders and your organization's larger social network.

Enhance Workplace Experience with Every Meal Served

The Re:Dish Reusables Program offers a unique opportunity to work with your employees towards a common goal. Today's employees are environmentally conscious, and a workplace that prioritizes sustainability makes your company a more attractive place to work for current and future employees. Companies not only  demonstrate their commitment to sustainability with Re:Dish, but they elevates brand perceptions as a leader in corporate responsibility but also enriches the workplace culture. Re:Dish becomes a source of pride for the entire organization.

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Reusable Food Packaging that Fits Into Your Food Service Operations

Re:Dish reusables are made of BPA-free polypropylene, designated as one of the safest plastics by the EPA, named one of the “most benign plastics” by the Clean Production Actions’ Plastics Scorecard, and approved by the FDA. At end-of-life, reusables are ground up and used to create lids for new containers, ensuring that the Re:Dish product never ends up in a landfill. Re:Dish reusables are:

  • Microwave- and freezer-safe

  • BPA-free

  • NSF-certified

  • Secure, sturdy, and stackable

  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles

  • Made in the USA

Extensive Program Support Comes Standard

At Re:Dish, we know the last thing your company or business needs is another compliance program that takes time, money, and people away from your bottom line. That’s why we’ve created our model to be completely turnkey and easy-to-use, with minimal staff monitoring and oversight. Re:Dish's end-to-end customer support includes:

Training and Support

  • Easy-to-follow instructions for employees, staff, and support teams for quick, efficient implementation

  • Operational guidelines for food service and janitorial teams

  • DishTrack Training Manual, for instruction on how to monitor inventory and impact


Communications Support

  • A comprehensive media kit with creative assets and templates to help develop communication materials for employees and stakeholders

  • Instructional and reinforcement signage for food pick-up areas, around return bins, table tops, and more

  • Sustainability messaging to report environmental progress to employees and the community at large

Educational Support

  • Ready-to-go presentations to introduce the program

  • On-site launch support with Re:Dish Brand Ambassadors, and ongoing education tabling events as needed

  • Training materials to educate employees, staff, and the community on the environmental mission and process

How Much Environmental Impact Could Your Company Have Re:Dishing?


An Investment with Real Returns

Re:Dish represents a new kind of investment for your business: one that delivers both economic and environmental returns. Our high-quality, reusables are rented at a fixed, per-use charge that is comparable to single-use disposables and the program includes:

  • A full-service waste reduction solution

  • On-site delivery of clean reusable wares and collection of used ones

  • Washing, sanitizing, drying, and repackaging

  • Communication tools, implementation support and sustained engagement

  • Real-time usage and environmental metrics tied to Scope 3 ESG emissions reporting

  • Demonstrate to employees your commitment to sustainability on a daily basis while introducing a better dining experience

We’re committed to ensuring the program is a success!

Re:Dish Today to Reshape Tomorrow

Re:Dish currently serves the NYC Tri-State area and Philadelphia, with plans for expansion into other markets. If you’re ready for your company or business to start Re:Dishing, or are just interested in more information, fill out our contact form or email us at and start reshaping the future.

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