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The Re:Dish Reusables Program for Venues, Arenas and Stadiums

Concerts, sporting events, conferences and the like bring people together. Re:Dish aims to make sustainability part of the experience. Re:Dish is an affordable, full-service reusable container and dishware solution specifically designed to accommodate events that generate a high-volume of single-use waste including:

  • Festivals

  • Stadiums

  • Arenas

  • Amphitheaters

  • Performance venues

  • Convention centers

The Re:Dish reusables program can help your venue move closer to zero waste and establish itself as a leader in the reuse economy.

Benefits of Introducing a Reusable Dishware Program:

  • Decrease your facility’s carbon footprint and significantly reduce waste generation

  • Appeal to environmentally-conscious customers, clients, corporate partners, and communities

  • Eliminate the cost and volume requirements associated with disposable products

  • Lower your operational cost by reducing waste hauling expenses

  • Implement cleaner, greener, more sustainable food service solutions

  • Demonstrate environmental commitment by creating a model of zero waste for guests, visitors, and clients

Here’s How the Re:Dish Reusables Program Works for Your Event Venue or Arena:

1.      The Re:Dish team will work with your venue planners and management to determine the appropriate inventory for your food service and concession needs, as well as a delivery and collection schedule that works for your operations.

2.      Re:Dish replaces your venue’s single-use wares with durable, reusable containers, cups and plates that are cleaned and sterilized to the highest standards. Your guests enjoy their food just like normal.

3.      After eating, guests simply return empty wares to any of the Re:Dish Drop-Off Bins distributed around your venue or arena, including in lobbies, concession areas, food courts, and bars—anywhere food is being consumed.

4.      Re:Dish collects the used wares for washing and sterilization at our industrial, state-of-the-art warewashing facility. We also restock your inventory as needed, ensuring your food service staff always has the inventory of clean reusables needed


Re:Dish Reusables

Re:Dish reusables are made of BPA-free polypropylene, designated as one of the safest plastics by the EPA, named one of the “most benign plastics” by the Clean Production Actions’ Plastics Scorecard, and approved by the FDA. At end-of-life, containers are ground up and used to create lids for new containers, ensuring that the Re:Dish product never ends up in a landfill. Re:Dish reusables are:

  • Microwave- and freezer-safe

  • BPA-free

  • NSF-certified

  • Secure, sturdy, and stackable

  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles

  • Made in the USA

Re:Dish Program Support

At Re:Dish, we know education is key to successful sustainability efforts. That’s why we provide event venues, arenas, and concession areas with comprehensive program support, such as:

Communications Support

  • Instructional and reinforcement signage for food pick-up areas, around return bins, on table tops, and more

  • Sustainability messaging to report environmental impact and program progress to staff, vendors, sponsors, and the community

  • A comprehensive media kit with templates and creative assets to help develop communication materials for consumers, customers, and fans–anyone visiting your venue

Training and Support

  • Easy-to-follow implementation and operational guidelines for caterers, vendors, food service staff, and janitorial teams

  • DishTrack Training Manual, for in-depth instruction on monitoring inventory and impact


Educational Support

  • Training materials to educate staff, vendors, sponsors, and the community on the environmental mission and process

  • On-site launch support with Re:Dish Brand Ambassadors, as well as ongoing education, tabling events as needed, and complete presentations ready for program introduction

Real Sustainability, Measurable Results

With DishTrack, our integrated dashboard, you can manage your venue’s inventory and measure your program’s environmental impact with metrics like carbon emissions and waste and water reduction. Reports and program progress can be shared across your operations, from management, sponsors, vendors, and caterers to guests, clients, and the community at large.

Even just one event with 25,000 where each person uses one Re:Dish container and cup makes a significant impact:

Lbs of disposables saved from landfills

Scale Icon Black.png

50,000 items

Car Icon Black.png

Cars taken off the road for a day


2,413 kg of CO2e not emitted


Bathtubs of water saved

Bathtub (1).png

3,368 gallons of water not used

*Source: A comparison of Re:Dish vs Molded Fiber (compostable) containers, based on data from the Single-Use Material Decelerator (SUM’D) UP Scorecard and an independent LCA by RRS completed in 2021.

An Investment with Real Returns

Re:Dish represents a new kind of investment for your event venue or arena: one that delivers economic, environmental, and efficiency returns. Our program is designed to function seamlessly with minimal staff monitoring, oversight, and management. With Re:Dish, you’ll receive:

  • A full-service waste reduction solution

  • On-site delivery of clean wares and collection of used ones

  • Washing, sanitizing, drying, and repackaging

  • Communication, and implementation support and materials

  • Real-time usage and environmental metrics tied to Scope 3 ESG emissions reporting

We’ll provide all of the resources, services, and support to ensure the program is a success!

Re:Dish Today to Reshape Tomorrow

Re:Dish currently serves the NYC Tri-State area and has plans for expansion into other markets. If you’re ready for your company or business to start Re:Dishing, or are just interested in more information, fill out our contact form or email us at and start reshaping the future.

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