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Welcome to Re:Dish!

We’re helping companies and schools operate more sustainably by replacing single-use food containers with reusable containers for food service.

How it works is simple. Re:Dish delivers reusable food containers and cups, collects them after use, cleans and sanitizes them at our own industrial washing facility, and repeats the cycle. Plus, with our proprietary dashboard, DishTrack, companies, and schools will be able to monitor the environmental impact of switching to reusables.

Collectively in 2022 we’ve had the following impact with our clients:

Scale Icon Black.png

Lbs of disposables saved from landfills.

4,921 containers

Reuse is always better for the environment than single-use, even if the material is compostable. By eliminating the need to manufacture a new container each time, we've achieved the following environmental impact so far this year:

Car Icon Black.png
Water Bottle Icon Black.png

Cars taken off the road for a day.

Bottles of water was saved.

345 kg of CO2e not emitted

1,009 gallons of water was not used

*Source: Environmental impact metrics based on an independent LCA by RSS, December 2020, that took into account all manufacturing, transportation, and washing costs for Re:Dish vs single use Molded Fiber (Compostable) containers
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