Cleaning and Quality Standards

We subscribe to the highest standards in washing, sanitizing, drying, and distribution, so you can be confident that your Re:Dish container is scrupulously clean and certifiably safe.

Washing and Sanitization Process

Re:Dish has chosen EcoLab, the global leader in water, hygiene, and infection prevention solutions and services, to ensure best cleanliness practices.


All containers are cleaned with environmentally-friendly detergent using EcoLab’s commercial-grade washers, always meeting or exceeding Department of Health regulations.

  • Each Re:Dish container is washed at 170 degrees

  • Containers are then sanitized, dried and immediately packed and sealed for distribution

  • Quality control protocols are in place to monitor and maintain highest standards of safety, consistency, and delivery 

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Quality Standards

Ground containers 

If Re:Dish containers no longer meet quality standards, we grind them up to make new ones, completing a clean, green circle that ensures they NEVER end up in landfills. Our containers are:

  • High-quality BPA-free polypropylene

  • NSF certified

  • Microwavable and freezer-safe

  • Made in the USA

Addressing COVID

Our cleaning and sanitizing procedures meet the highest standards ALWAYS, including wiping down all surfaces between shifts and ensuring safe work conditions for our staff. COVID or no COVID, you can be confident Re:Dish is safe.

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