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Re:Dish Clean

Re:Dish subscribes to the highest quality standards, creating confidence that all reusables are scrupulously clean and certifiably safe. Because we wash, sanitize, and sterilize in our own facilities, we have complete control over quality.

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Re:Dish’s flagship industrial washing facility in Brooklyn, NY

Understand the process

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Re:Dish’s state-of-the-art warewashing facilities are built to handle scale

We employ a mix of customized machinery, patent-pending hardware and purpose-built software that enables us to wash 75,000 reusable items daily on each operational line.

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Re:Dish has invested in

highly-efficient flight machines, and has engineered

semi-automated loading and unloading processes to deliver scale.

DishTrack, Re:Dish's proprietary inventory and impact

software, integrates with tracking technology to follow every reusable unit.

Quality standards

Strict quality control protocols are in place to monitor and maintain the highest standards of safety, consistency, and delivery.

  • Each item is washed at a minimum of 170°

  • ​Machinery integrates washing and drying so unhygienic air drying is not necessary. Items are immediately packed and sealed for redistribution

  • All items are cleaned with eco-friendly chemicals, which means they have been deemed safe for human health and the environment

  • Strict quality standard procedures and operational guidelines based on cGMPs set out by the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011.

  • Received grant for True Waste Certification

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