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Re:Dish Secures Spot on Inc.'s 2023 Best in Business List By Eliminating Nearly 2 Million Single-Use Packaging Items in First Full Year of Operation

Pioneers in Scaled Reuse Solutions With Environmental Impact Tracking

[New York, December 5th, 2023] Named to the Inc. 2023 Best in Business list in the Sustainability category, Re:Dish emerges as a transformative force in the environmental sector. Re:Dish’s innovative Reuse as a Service model seamlessly integrates specialized warewashing capabilities, reverse logistics, and backend technology to facilitate the replacement of single-use food service items with reusables. 

In 2023 alone, Re:Dish ensured that nearly 2 million food service packages would not be going to landfill, and is now aiming for over 7.5 million in 2024. By providing an all-in-one solution that efficiently and affordably helps institutions adopt circular practices, Re:Dish is building the infrastructure needed to expand the reuse economy. That’s what earned Re:Dish the title of Upstream’s “Most Innovative Reuse Company in Food & Beverage” earlier this year.

Beyond scale, Re:Dish sets itself apart with DishTrack, a proprietary impact tracking software, designed for reuse. DishTrack provides real-time, data-driven insights into the environmental benefits of using reusables, ensuring that sustainability efforts are transparent and impactful. "In an era rife with unsubstantiated sustainability claims, measurable results are essential," says Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of Re:Dish.

At the core of Re:Dish's success is the Reusables Program, which offers a complete cycle of delivery and collection for Re:Dish’s reusable containers, cups, and plates to high-volume foodservice operations. This program enables more companies to engage in circularity, visibly demonstrating their climate commitment and normalizing reuse behavior. 

With state-of-the-art facilities in NYC and Philadelphia, capable of handling up to 150,000 items daily, Re:Dish is committed to expanding its impact. “Our mission is far from over,” Vanderlip states. “We're striving to establish a national standard where reuse is not just an alternative, but the norm, backed by transparent and measurable practices.”


About Re:Dish:

Re:Dish offers reuse-as-a-service, enabling organizations to adopt circular practices at significant scale. With custom machinery, patented automation, and DishTrack software, Re:Dish efficiently manages the lifecycle of reusable items, providing a sustainable solution and measurable contribution to ESG goals. Visit to learn more.

Media Contact:
Nathalie Cicurel

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