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Case Study: On the set of Players

Lights, camera, action!!! Re:Dish’s turnkey solution gets Netflix-produced Players up and running in record time.


Eliminate foodservice packaging waste during six weeks of filming at multiple locations without breaking the bank or disrupting normal operations. 



Adopt Re:Dish’s reusable foodware service. Similar to linen services, Re:Dish delivers clean food containers and cups, collects them, washes them at its local facility, and repeats. 


355 lbs

Estimated waste avoided

428 kg

Estimated Scope 3 CO2e reduction*

1252 gallons

Estimated lifecycle water savings*


Used containers


Shrinkage rate


  • Clear communication at launch

  • Convenient return bin location

  • An internal advocate

* compared to manufacturing 6,111 typical single-use containers


Nikki Moriello, the environmental steward for the Netflix feature film Players, was charged with greening the production, including rethinking the food packaging for the company’s catering services. She had researched single-use containers (plastic and compostable) and, as an alternative, contemplated using real plates and silverware and hiring a full-time dishwasher on the catering team. But logistics and cost made these options prohibitive. As the production start-date neared, Nikki needed to quickly find a viable solution.

“Re:Dish appeared on a list of local NY sustainable vendors in the Green Production Guide” reported Nikki, “I was initially attracted to Re:Dish because I had never heard of a company that offers reusable takeout containers specifically for cafeteria-style or catered dining. Re:Dish seemed like a great way to help eliminate waste without disrupting the daily flow of operations.” 


The whole team was eager to give it a shot. Morgan, the Additional Unit Production Manager, was on board with Re:Dish from Day 1. She loved that it would be more cost-effective than compostable dishware or a full-time dishwasher.


“I believe crew members took pride in knowing they were helping save the planet in a small, but impactful way, just by eating lunch!” Nikki told us.


Re:Dish’s turnkey wash-and-return service ticked off all of Nikki’s boxes for sustainability, but could it be implemented at multiple locations and with limited storage, with production just days away?


Re:Dish worked fast to devise a flexible plan that would meet Nikki’s needs. After an initial conversation on a Friday afternoon in mid-July, a simple contract was signed on Tuesday, and the first delivery of inventory was deposited at the catering company’s facilities in Fort Lee, NJ by Thursday.

With little storage available on the catering trucks and shooting locations changing regularly, Re:Dish responded with daily deliveries to and collections from the set for the duration of the NYC shoot.

return sign.png

Re:Dish also supplied Nikki with a comprehensive media kit, training documents, and designated return bins which made messaging and how-to protocols a snap. 

That’s a wrap! From day one, crew members enjoyed their lunch and Nikki was able to meet her environmental goals. Not only were disposables diverted from landfill, but the food tasted great in the Re:Dish containers and the overall program saved Netflix money. A win-win for all!

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