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Press Release: Published 9.7.22

School in the Square Partners With Re:Dish to Launch Reusable Container Program

  • Collaboration will divert 216,000 single-use containers from landfills and reduce 23,689 kg of CO2e emissions

School in the Square (S2), a Pre-K--8 charter school that engages, educates, and empowers students in Washington Heights and Inwood, today launched a partnership with Re:Dish to implement a reusable, sustainable container program for foodservice throughout the 2022-23 school year.

S2 will replace all single-use containers in its Upper Manhattan schools, including the middle school located at 120 Wadsworth Ave., and the Dos Amigos elementary school located at 108 Cooper St., with durable, reusable wares. The program will divert 216,000 containers - or 16,286 lbs - from landfills and reduce 23,689 kg of CO2e emissions, which equates to removing 1,879 cars from the road for a day.

"S2's core principles are built on the foundation that only together can we solve problems, both big and small. We can't think of a more pressing issue than climate change," said Carrie Amon, Founding Principal at School in the Square. "We've been searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and amplify our sustainability efforts, and this program is a major step in the right direction. Our students and communities deserve a greener future, and we're proud to lead by example."

Re:Dish delivers a turnkey and end-to-end reusable container program at scale, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use containers and cups consumed at large corporations, schools, sports and entertainment venues, and more. Re:Dish swaps single-use wares with durable, reusable, USA-made containers and cups, collects them after use, cleans and sterilizes them at its industrial, state-of-the-art warewashing facility, and redistributes them daily.

"The U.S. utilizes nearly a trillion pieces of disposable food service products each year, while single-use food containers and cutlery are the third-most common litter found in the ocean. We can easily address the environmental impact of single use if we embrace reuse beyond the traditional restaurant dining experience," said Caroline Vanderlip, founder and CEO of Re:Dish. "By doing away with single-use and implementing this reusable dishware program, S2 is reducing waste generation, reinforcing sustainable behavior, and teaching students that they, too, can make a difference. We're grateful S2 put its trust in us, and we're excited to help these schools achieve their environmental goals, one meal at a time."


About Re:Dish
Re:Dish, a certified WBE, offers a reusable container program that helps large organizations like Fortune 500 companies and school systems implement circular solutions that eliminate single-use waste. Re:Dish delivers reusable containers and cups, collects them after use, cleans and sanitizes them at its state-of-the-art washing facility, and repeats the cycle daily. By offering the scaled infrastructure to support the tracking and washing required for reuse on the institutional level, organizations can meet their ESG goals, visibly demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and help normalize reuse behavior on a daily basis. For more information, please visit

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