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Press Release: Published 9.20.22

Re:Dish joins the 2022 Unreasonable Impact Americas program of high-growth entrepreneurs addressing the world's most significant challenges

  • Barclays and Unreasonable continue to support and scale high-growth ventures who have the potential to create thousands of new jobs.

  • The latest program welcomes 12 new companies to its global network.

Re:Dish has been selected as one of 12 growth-stage ventures to join this year’s Unreasonable Impact Americas program, which offers guidance and support from a global community of industry specialists and mentors including experts from Barclays.

Unreasonable Impact is a long-standing partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable that supports groundbreaking entrepreneurs whose ventures are tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges to scale and create thousands of new jobs.

Re:Dish delivers a turnkey reusable container program at scale, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use containers and cups consumed at large corporations, schools, sports and entertainment venues, and more. Re:Dish swaps single-use wares with reusable containers and cups, collects them after use, cleans and sterilizes them at its industrial, state-of-the-art washing facility, and redistributes them daily.

“Single-use waste is an environmental nightmare that can no longer be ignored. Every year, the United States consumes roughly one trillion pieces of disposable foodware and packaging, resulting in some 20 billion pieces of litter. It is imperative that we reverse this trajectory and adopt reuse at the enterprise level,” said Vanderlip. “We can eliminate 841 billion disposable food packaging items and 7.5 million tons of waste each year by implementing reuse at scale. Unreasonable recognizes this and has been instrumental in accelerating the reuse economy. We’re honored to be accepted into this program and are eager to work with like-minded, mission-driven organizations to make the world a cleaner, green place.”

Following a rigorous selection process involving hundreds of pioneering companies, Re:Dish CEO Caroline Vanderlip was chosen to join a select cohort of pioneering entrepreneurs who are reimagining the future of energy, sustainable living and more.

Daniel Epstein, Founder and CEO of Unreasonable added, “Our team at Unreasonable is honored to be partnered with Barclays to help scale socially impactful solutions that will help build a more inclusive economy and create a cleaner future. We firmly believe that the most valuable, influential and lasting companies are those solving humanity’s most pressing challenges, and we're so grateful and privileged to support and witness the possibilities of what profitable, impact-centric companies can – and should – do."

Cumulatively, the 12 ventures joining the latest program are operating in over six countries and have generated more than USD $62 million in revenue to date.

Since Unreasonable Impact launched in 2016, its global community of over 250 ventures has positively impacted more than 300 million people, reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 80 million tonnes, and collectively employs 19,000 full-time equivalent employees around the globe. These companies have also raised more than USD $7 billion in funding. [Company] joins this unparalleled global network in its shared effort to drive lasting and scalable change.

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The participating companies include:

  • Re:Dish: Operating a reusable container program for enterprise foodservice.

  • Aquacycl: Providing bioelectrochemical technologies to rapidly treat the hardest to treat wastewater.

  • Cabinet Health: Eliminating plastic waste in healthcare.

  • Carbon Lighthouse: Delivering profitable climate solutions with energy. Savings-as-a-Service for commercial real estate portfolios.

  • ChargerHelp!: Repairing EV chargers while ensuring a just energy transition.

  • ClearFlame Engines: Decarbonizing heavy-duty transportation industries.

  • Emrgy: Unleashing water's natural power through modular kinetic hydropower.

  • GALY: Agriculture made from cells in a facility, not plants on a field.

  • Mango Materials: Using microbes to capture methane and replace fossil fuel-based plastics.

  • Modern Electron: Decarbonizing home heating with hydrogen.

  • Pebble Labs: Delivering the power of RNA for food production.

  • Prime Roots: Re-imagining protein from koji mycelium for a sustainable future.

About Unreasonable Impact, created with Barclays

Unreasonable Impact is an innovative multi-year, multi-geographic partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable Group to launch the world’s first global network focused on scaling up entrepreneurial solutions that will help employ thousands worldwide in the emerging green economy.  To date, the more than 250 companies in the Unreasonable Impact Portfolio collectively employ over 19,000 people and positively impact 300 million people around the world.  These ventures operate in 180 countries have raised over USD $7.8 billion in funding, and have generated over USD $5.3 billion in revenue, since joining Unreasonable Impact.

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About Barclays

Barclays is a British universal bank.  We are diversified by business, by different types of customers and clients, and by geography. Our businesses include consumer banking and payments operations around the world, as well as a top-tier, full service, global corporate and investment bank, all of which are supported by our service company which provides technology, operations and functional services across the Group.

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About Unreasonable

Building community between entrepreneurs, institutions, investors, and business leaders, Unreasonable acts as a catalytic platform for entrepreneurs tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges facing us today. Part global community and part investment firm, Unreasonable is an international company that supports a Fellowship for growth-stage entrepreneurs, channels exclusive deal-flow to investors, and partners with institutions to discover profit in solving global problems. Unreasonable exists to re-purpose capitalism, with the firm belief in the power of business to drive lasting and scalable change.

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