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Re:Dish Today to Reshape Tomorrow

We all want to support sustainability. That’s a given. But companies are challenged to find a simple, seamless and affordable way to reach their environmental goals.


Re:Dish brings the solution right to your enterprise, tackling food service waste with a reusable container and cup service that eliminates single-use disposable containers.

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How it Works is Simple

Re:Dish delivers and collects containers and cups, cleans and sanitizes them at our own industrial washing facility, and then returns them back to you.


We service workplaces, arenas, K-12 schools, production sets – anywhere that food is served at scale!

Gain Measurable Benefits

Re:Dish’s proprietary dashboard, DishTrack, helps you manage both your inventory and your impact in real-time.  


We provide metrics like carbon and water reduction that can feed directly into your company’s Scope 3 emissions reporting.

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Re:Dish Clean

Our owned, state-of-the-art warewashing facilities are built to handle scale. We employ a mix of customized machinery, off-the-shelf hardware and purpose-built software that enables us to wash 100,000 containers every 8 hours.

We Make it Easy to Get Started

Re:Dish is affordable, requires minimal staff training and can be implemented quickly.


With Re:Dish you’ll also receive marketing and training materials and ongoing support to ensure the program is a success!


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Re:Dish In Action



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“Not only did they love using the containers, but I believe employees took pride in knowing they were helping save the planet in a small, but impactful way, just by eating lunch!”


- Re:Dish Client


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