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Welcome to Re:Dish: Reusable packaging solutions to eliminate single-use

At Re:Dish, we are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future by revolutionizing the way businesses and institutions approach waste reduction. Our comprehensive warewashing for reuse solution and reusable packaging for food service program sets the standard for environmental impact, empowering organizations to seamlessly adopt circular practices, meet their sustainability targets and drive positive change at scale.

Reuse as a Service

We pride ourselves on leveraging cutting-edge custom machinery, patented automation, and purpose-built software to deliver exceptional reuse solutions. With our state-of-the-art industrial warewashing facilities, we wash and sanitize a wide range of reusable items, including foodservice containers, gel packs, reusable totes, cups, and more. By optimizing the cleaning process, we ensure that every item meets the highest standards of hygiene and quality and is Re:Dish Clean.

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Re:Dish’s Reusable Dishware Program

Re:Dish’s Reusable Dishware program tackles single-use waste in food service, a major contributor to the waste crisis and climate change, providing the product, logistics and support for large-scale operators to implement reuse.

When you partner with Re:Dish, you're not only making meaningful progress towards your company's sustainability goals, but also creating daily touchpoints to engage employees with company values, which both enhances company perception and reinforces a strong, internal culture of sustainability.

Re:Dish delivers reusable cups, containers and plates, collects them after use, cleans and sanitizes them at its state-of-the-art washing facility, and repeats the cycle daily. We service corporate cafeterias and pantries, arenas, schools, senior living communities, hospitals, production sets and anywhere food is served at scale!

Switching to Reusable Packaging in Food Service is Simple

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With Re:Dish, you'll be supported every step of the way. A dedicated team will provide a suite of communication tools, onsite training and education,and client-specific optimizations to ensure a seamless transition to reusables.

Everything included in the program - products, return bins, bin liners, totes, etc. - is manufactured in the USA.

Re:Dish in Action

DishTrack: Measure Impact and Manage Inventory with Ease

With DishTrack, Re:Dish’s proprietary software, institutions can efficiently manage their inventory and effortlessly track the environmental impact of their reuse initiatives. This intuitive platform provides real-time insights into usage patterns, item tracking, and sustainability metrics like waste diversion, CO2e reduction and water savings.

By offering transparency and actionable data, DishTrack helps organizations make informed decisions, optimize their reuse strategies, and showcase their commitment to sustainability.

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1.7 million

packaging items saved from entering the waste stream in 2023! Learn more about how Re:Dishing helps the environment.

“I almost cried when I saw this program. There is such a huge waste problem in NYC and I'm glad my company is getting behind this.”
- Employee User Feedback
"The entire culture has shifted. Re:Dish made reuse holistic, clean, efficient, and attractive, all at once. Now it seems crazy it was ever any other way."
- Reusables Program Client
"I believe employees took pride in knowing they were helping save the planet in a small, but impactful way, just by eating lunch!”
- Reusables Program Client
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What's Happening at Re:Dish
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