Reimagining food service packaging for a more sustainable future.

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Re:Dish offers a supply of reusable food containers and a technology-enabled process for safely and economically recirculating them. 


We service workplace cafeterias and pantries, schools, arenas, movie and TV production sets – any place where food is being served today in single-use containers!

How it works

We make it super simple for companies and users alike to participate in the circular economy with Re:Dish.

Companies stock Re:Dish containers and use them for their food service needs

When finished, containers are dropped in lined bins supplied by Re:Dish

Each day, Re:Dish collects the bags of containers and takes them to a local Re:Dish washing facility

Re:Dish cleans, sanitizes and re-packs the containers for redistribution 

Why Re:Dish?

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Turnkey Implementation 

It couldn’t be easier to implement a Re:Dish program. With minimal staff training and ongoing support materials, we’re fast, flexible to deploy and ALWAYS responsive. 


Become more visibly and measurably sustainable. Detailed reports on your company’s usage and impact available in real-time through our proprietary dashboard.

Economically Sustainable

NO upfront cost. And, using Re:Dish reduces single-use product purchasing costs and waste hauling fees.

Operational Efficiencies

Streamline operational processes while delivering a better dining experience.


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“Re:Dish has a complete solution for making reusable containers work. Their containers are of great quality and their logistics and ware washing appear seamless.”


-Khristel Simmons,  COO, Stanley Isaacs Center, NYC, Meals on Wheels

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